One fine spring day

One fine spring day

It has been ages since I enjoyed the wind. I guess this is part of why living in a four-season country is fun. When I lived in Vietnam or Singapore, there was no need for me to pay attention to weather forecast, Everyday, it would be the same/similar patter, hot, humid, the only thing I need to care about is whether it is going to rain on the day of a big BBQ.

Living in the US has added one thing to my routine – check the temperature before dressing for the day. I could not count how many times I forgot to and either got frozen from the 32 degree dip from a normal 50, or when I was sweating like crazy when the sun suddenly decides to say hi to the world.

Nevertheless, after a long (yeah like 6 months) wait, spring is here. I love this 60 and above weather. My mom would freak out to see me in this outfit with this temperature in Vietnam (where school is closed in the North if the temperature hits 50F (10C). Regardless, I am so happy that I can finally open the moon roof of my beloved car, and enjoy the wind – as opposed to shaking every time it blew.

Besides the weather, which allows me to dig up those shorts, spring is all about blossoms. Grass becomes greener, and trees are full of blossoms. If you are living in tropical cities your whole life, you are missing this. You don’t really need cherry blossom when every single tree is like this magnolia tree. Loving it!


My photo (on the left) is taken by my roommie -Anh, and the other picture is taken by me


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