A little pink for a rainy day


I can’t believe that there are only 10 days left till I board the plane. My visa application has finally been sent, keeping my fingers crossed. Tickets booked. I’m flying over by British Airways, first time traveling with them, so we’ll see how it goes.

In the mean time, I am procrastinating planning my trip as there will only be 4 more days till my novio leaves for his trip back home, and till our 7 month-“break” begin. These days, I take comfort in making him good food. It’s been like forever since I cook and shop … How can I girl not shop when she s having a fabulous summer ahead.

It has been raining on an off in the past two days in Providence and Waltham (as I traveled back and forth). I love the rain, it was warm enough to wear those summer dress with a thin leather jacket, a scarf maybe, and of course, don’t forget the umbrella!

After like a month or so, I came into shopping mall filed with pink items. Spring s finally here!






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