Chaan Japanese Tea house Dessert Testing

Few weeks ago, my lil sis came over to US for a quick visit and we went to try Chaan together in NYC. Since the place was recommended by a dessert-addict friends and so we went with high expectation. Since it was a spontaneous decision, we, unfortunately could not secure a reservation. So we waited for 45 minutes to be seated.

Our first impression was the place was very well decorated, everything screams Japan (including their high tech restroom). The waitress was super nice, gentle and very welcoming. For a moment, I forgot I was in NYC, till I see non-Japanese diners around.

It did not take us long to order as we technically ordered the whole menu (except some items with red beans as I hate them). The food arrives promptly. I don’t know if you have caught it from my wordings but I was disappointed. They were not bad, but there was nothing special either. It was like something that you have one or two mouthful and just want to push away.

I have to give credit to the presentation though as some of the dishes were arranged perfectly. (I mean some because there are dishes that are just too simple to be presented in any other way).

When I confronted my friend about this. She said that was because I did not order black sesame creme brulee nor the mango mousse cake (I wish they have these written down in the menu, because I would order them right away from the sound of the name).

The way the menu works were either a la carte or you can choose 3-course chef dessert tasting (he/she will choose which treats go well with your choice of tea). A la carte menu were very limited and simple. My advice, ask for those two and see if they are satisfied, and look around, you may see things that excite you better that what the chef has in mind …


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