While I am waiting till my plane to roll (4 more days), I have had a bit of time to browse all the pictures that I took. I love taking pictures, but editing and sharing intimidate me. And all of us know, cameras have flaws and you need that little contrast and lighting, and sharpness too, to make the pictures exactly how you envision them to be.

I might not have mentioned it but one of the reasons why I started the blog was to push myself to write. I hate writing papers (who doesn’t), but I once loved to write, believe it or not. I had a blog that I wrote thousands of words, then the server was closed down (oops). And I lost my interest.

Aneway, this is my way of pushing myself. Back to the main topic, let’s see what I have dug (I have to google for this words since digged was marked wrong…) out of my trunks of photos.



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