Here I am

  • Finally I (E.) made it to London!!!!!! Yay! 

After a few hours (yes, as I had to wait for my other friends) I made it home to the lovely Courtfield Garden.My flat is right across  St. Jude’s Church, meaning I will be enjoying my morning tea sips with a lovely view . Awesome!
My first impression of London: I like it here, I feel, strangely, warm. In terms of architecture,London and Boston have very similar styles. London’s buildings, however, are brighter and lighter in shades-which is exactly how I like buildings to be.

I am so pleased that the apartment is very near to the central and relatively safe, which means I can always wander around, alone…And I did: I went to pick up some food, ended up in Waitrose – Stop&Shop equivalent, and decided to cook my very first meal in London. I got some salmon, mushroom and spices – which turned out way better than I’s expected guess I have more “chef” potential than my mom and I thought).


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