Before We Hit The Sun

The weather in England has been ridiculous the past week. I don’t know how it has been in London,but in Cambridge,the sun and the rain have been crossing one another’s borders at minute interval. Not even exaggerating! I also had the first experience ever with the ice rain. It’s no fun,it’s hurt,and it’s worse and you ain’t have an umbrella!

It’s funny how in England (at least from what I’ve observed the past 3 years) if the weeks days’ weather is miserable,as a compensation,weekend days’s full of sunshine-vice versa.This week is no exception!

I arrived in London this morning to visit Ellie. FYI,I’m in love with Ellie’s room: white,neat,relatively spacious and a big window with just the right amount of sunlight allow to leak in.

While waiting for her to get ready,I kill time by doing this (supposedly I should be reading my revision notes!)




Bella Ngo Tang


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