Happy sunny Monday with a little bit of Spice Girl

Finally, I have handed in my 1500 word paper today, an hour before it was due (oh typical me). While I slept for only 3 hours yesterday, I felt absolutely energetic in the afternoon that I went for a manicure (The Nail Bar – decent, for 17GBP) and pick up my dry-clean (which was left at the store for almost a week now).

I, then stopped by a Singapore restaurant nearby – Bugis Street Brassier for some home flavor. It was not what I’d expected, edible taste but there was not much of authenticity. Maybe, and hopefully, it was because laksa was not their specialty.

For the evening, I headed to Piccadilly to enjoy the show – Viva Forever. I must say I was very impressed with not only the casts for their amazing voice and skills, but also to the screen writer and director. It was an amazing show and they really deserved the standing ovulation at the end. A must watch show for everyone ( I would not recommend for children as there may be 1 or 2 scenes that need parental guidance). This is one of their last shows so if you are in London, try to get a hold of it!

PS: Due to the need to bring my super “light” laptop, I have been neglecting my camera baby lately. I am not happy to put up low quality pictures (which is usually snapshot of scenery,) so please bear with me. I promise to update with more pictures.


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