Second week update and plans

I started off the week with an excited day at Thorpe Park, it has been a while since I had “mini” heart attacks.I can’t remember what I did on Tuesday … I think I had school till 3 and black out… Wednesday was calm with a morning visit to Greenwich village, visiting Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory and a walk through Greenwich flea market with amazing La Mien (Chinese soup noodle, but you have to try it because there was a line in front this little stall). Met up a friend later on a day, first time visiting Fortnum&Mason (aww) and ran into a random shopping event. Thursday was rainy and cozy with Kensington Place while Friday was an awesome catch up session with my 13 year-old-friendship in Coventry. Visited Coventry Catheral and Transport Museum, lots of food with two buffets on a row … Catching up with a long lost childhood friend on Sunday which turns into a shopping session in the Soho Flea Market and drained myself out with a 1500 word paper due on Monday. Pheww, okay it took me literally an hour to list this so I figure I should really start to write everyday to keep track of what I have been doing in London!

Thank you for reading and bearing with all these journal style words!




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