So I was bored in class and googled for “top 100 dishes in London” [I figure I will go after dishes rather than the restaurants because first of all, you can go to a high ranked restaurant yet not entirely satisfied because you was not offered what was best, second, why go for chef tasting if you know exactly why you are at the restaurant, last but definitely not least, I will save money!). It was a spontaneous decision but I will conquer the list of signature dishes by the end of next week, before my internship with BBC starts. I shall have lunch at all these places, just for the dish because I am so used to having one meal per day since I got here that having a heavy lunch is too much.

So first stop was Texture. I must say I was impressed. If I am to work around the area (Marble Arch), I would definitely their regular customers and probably friends with the hosts. They were so friendly and nice and helpful and genuinely (or at least pretend to be) interested in your story.

I was not feeling hungry so I ordered 2 starters since their signature dish (Anjou Quail) was an appetizer and the host ensured me that it was too small for lunch.

I also ordered a glass of Riesling (they have like 30 or so of diferent labels and years for each type of wine, it’s impressive, and dizzy) which was recommended by the hostess. I was so careless to take note of the name but it was decent. I asked for something very sweet, the one I got was a bit acidic to my taste but was really smooth. I believe the glass was for ₤14.

Believe me you will get lots of free stuff visiting here. I started off with a bowl of crips made from seaweed, etc, Japanese inspired I believe with cream and fennel dip, an amazing wheat baguette and whipped butter. I know I would get full from this so didn’t touch them till later. On the house start of bowl of mint soup with beans and mint ice shave arrived, just to prep for my “main courses”. The taste was just surreal, probably because I wasn’t really paying attention to what the waiter was saying so the ice really surprised me, I almost groan … I am not a fan of mint but the dish was really good.

So that was my “first course”, I ordered scallop with passion fruit juice and shaves with caviar (₤22 or ₤23). OMG, heaven on earth, I finished the whole dish in less than 5 minutes, letting each slides melt in my mouth! Awesome!

I finished off with the famous Anjou Quail (₤15), with sweet corn puree, steamed corn and bacon popcorn. The quail texture was perfect, it was cooked perfectly, the combination of flavors was really interesting and balance (although I don’t really get the popcorn). The only downside, if you don’t like salty dish, just drop a request for the chef to put less sea treasure.

By then I was so fulled, considering that I finished that bowl of chips and 2/3 of the bread, so I gave dessert a go. Yet, they prepared me a little bag of sweets with a mini macaroon ( you know how I get weak from this little French burger), meringue, chocolate truffle and biscuit. My absolute love for these guys at the restaurant for making me feeling like a princess (although I was in casual, told you it was impulsive).

Highly recommend for a nice, catch up lunch. The restaurant was noisy during serve time but was a lot quieter when I stayed back for a while.

Definitely a good start!

IMG_4144 IMG_4146 IMG_4148 IMG_4151


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