Bocca di Lupo

The third stop on my Timeout list was this little Italian restaurant in the middle of Soho area. This time, I was joined by my best friend, who is graduating from Warwick University soon. We have been friends for 14 years now and our families actually take annual trips together, and it’s a he. Aneway, he was the reasons why I did not take more pictures because I was busy catching up!

The restaurant has an open kitchen so if you enjoy looking at the chefs at work – like I do, ask for a table at the bar.

We started of with some olives, olive oil, and focaccia – basic starter. The bread was salty but the oil was awesome, and I don’t eat olives so I can’t comment.

We started off with the signature dish – Radish, celeriac, and pomegranate salad with truffle oil. It was surprisingly amazing, even though I could not eat the strong flavor cheese, the radish and pomegranate and the oil – fantastic combinations. I would be amazed if you don’t make a little “groan” at your first time trying.

For main dish, we had spider crab with tomato sauce pasta. The sauce was very flavorful and addictive, pasta was still chewy. The dish was a little bit saucy for Italian standard, I believe. I did not see lots of crab meat but I think they actually blend in with the sauce.

It was a pleasant lunch with lots of talk with a lovely friend, he is like my family member, the kind of person with whom silence is never awkward. Nevertheless, I now understand why food critics need to eat the food alone, because only then can they concentrate on the flavor of the dish. I was too distracted to really dissect these dishes. Yet, I believe that you would not be disappointed going to this restaurant!




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