Macaroons Smackdown

I have finally start my internship at BBC Worldwide – awesome first day. I am blessed to be working here. Aneway, because the first day actually went well, I rewarded myself with lots of macaroons – lots! Took the tube across town for these babies!

Because Pierre Herme was so well-hidden in Selfridges&Co. I had to buy some “burgers” from Laison du Chocolat, hoping that they would direct me to where the other store was.

I was very very excited about trying out PIerre Herme since everyone was talking about him, and many reviewers commented that he was way better than Laduree. His macaroons were told to be softer than Laduree. I thought that would mean chewier, but well, I was wrong. The macaroons would just be soft, but not chewy, maybe a hint of chewiness ….

Flavors – more interesting and intense than Laduree (funny how I keep comparing Pierre Herme with Laduree instead of Laison du Chocolat), the new flavor: Lime and yogurt, Banana and Yogurt were definitely not for me. While my love for macaroons is endless, I had to stop after a bite. I have come to realized that I am picky eater (not necessarily demanding) so if you love yogurt, give them a try!

Les Jardins macaroon – the new flavor which has apple, mint, cucumber & roquette, interesting indeed, it bursts in your mouth – must try!

Laison du Chocolat macaroons are mediocre, not that they are bad, just that they would not give you the “oomph” factor – consistently deliver high quality chocolate ganache. If you want to play it safe, go for these macaroons!

Overall, I was quite surprisingly disappointed, I went against my will to taste more flavor than my stomach could hold, just in hope of finding the flavor that made the world remembered PH name…

What do you think? Was it because the branch in Selfridges different or it was just how the macaroons are? Tell me what you think!




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