Fortnum & Mason Cookies

Today,as the 3rd day in a row,the sun is hiding.

I decided to stay in bed til noon and wake up to blog. These are the cookies that my sister greeted me with when I arrived London 2 days ago.

If you are unfamiliar with the brand, Fortum & Manson  is the official supplier of tea and cookies of the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. 


The first and by far the most unique biscuits I’ve tried are the Lucifer’s Ginger and Chilly Biscuits . Never have I been fond of Ginger Flavoured Food and Drink,but this blend gives the just the perfect balance of  tangy Ginger and hot Chilly. I suppose it’s almost unnecessary to point that  the packaging can’t get better. Each box comes in with 2 stacks.

The texture of these is dry cookie-crispy. Paring these lovelies with tea would de-stress your day.

Definitely a delight of my week!


These are the Luscious Lemon (English Thin Biscuits) and Cornish Clotted Cream ( English Thin Biscuits).As much as I love the Lucifer’s, I am not impressed with these 2. They have butter-cookie texture and melt down once eaten. They do deliver any remarkable/signature taste,very ordinary.




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