Bullet points will be used to list our activities yesterday evening.

Last night, we finally got to watch the classic musical play: WICKED. We booked the tickets in advance of 3 weeks to get the best seats and the best deals. 



As the show’s duration is 2hrs 45 minutes, we snacked before the show kicks in at Lime Orange– serving Korean Cuisine.

Our order:

  1. Tokbuki ( I order this dish everywhere everytime)
  2. Deep fried Tofu with Kimchi (My first time-Too much oil but this simple dish’s taste is irresistible)
  3. Sesami Ice Cream ( This delivers the true organic flavour of sesami)




As for WICKED,the performance was great,not a stunner I would say (asides the undeniably spectacular actors’ vocals). However, looking from  the perspective of children and young teenagers,I would see myself being fond of it much more. The songs in the play are catchy and above all,tremendously inspiring. Today must-do task: Download that playlist.

  • We met up with some fellows at Com Viet in China. Besides Cá Kho,we didn’t have time to taste other dishes. Will be back soon for this!
  • Located right opposite to Com Viet, Amorino (our all-time favourite Italian Gelato,we stop by quite often). They stuff the cones into flowers.


  • Followed up with a visit to Duck and Waffle. As it was a Tuesday’s midnight, we got lucky to have had the best table with the best view: Overlooking Tower Bridge. It was magnificent,also,as the restaurant opens 24/7,sunrise and sunset can be witness too! Perhaps our farewell to London will be here.



Only the signature dish : Duck and Waffle stands out to us.

  • We left at 3 in the morning.

Have you been to any of these places? Share us your experience!




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