We have gone missing! The past week have been

We have gone missing!


The past week went like this:

  • Countless and pointless hours of me (Bella) browsing at Harrods. *Side note 1 from Ellie: If you happen to be in Harrods’ Food Hall, do stop by the ham counter.The man who served Ellie (a white African) was enthusiastically friendly. He introduced Ellie to all of the ham displayed and did not even ask her to buy any gram! Other side note: Spanish Ham brings you to Cloud 9!
  • I tried a dish called Tofu Steak at Harrods’ Food Hall -Sushi Counter and it was a worth-trying dish! Unique and tasty! However,the portion is ridiculously small and the price is non-sense-ly expensive (relatively much higher than other fine-dining tastings that I’ve been to)
  • While in a moment of direction confusion, I discovered The Exchange – a store that sells re-owned designer clothing and accessories.
  • Had my skin treatments at ProSkin and Beyond MediSpa 
  • Left our footprints in the heavenly beautiful Durdle Door on Saturday.
  • Ellie hooped on a train to Oxford the following day.
  • Multiple stopovers at Laudurée. New flavours tried: Liquorice (it’s black and it’s very very nice),Orange Blossom (it’s fragrant,nevertheless,the taste does not bring any sense of orange blossom).
  • Stayed in cozy with home-cooked food (We made the fire alarm go off twice).
  • Attended a friend’s graduation party.


I very much curious to know how bloggers can bring their cameras everywhere and update their posts on the go so frequently!


Do you know? Please expose!




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