Victoria & Albert Museum (part 1)

Before you carry on,a little note :these are only a few,there are plenty more coming!

The Fashion Display

IMG_5426_Fotor IMG_5418_Fotor


A piece from the 19th century


the modernisation. 1920s


The emergence of haute couture-1950s



The National Art Library

IMG_5528_Fotor IMG_5529_Fotor


South Kensington is undeniably my most favourite area in London (so far) to roam.  I have planned to visit the V&A Museum since the first day I arrived in London. It’s been rated as the world’s greatest museum of art and design and so offer a wide diversity of displays and exhibitions.

The venue is giant. My first visit covered only 1/3 the whole area in medium forward moving pace.

  Look at the photos and you’ll see for yourself how extravagant this place is,as well as the exclusivity of importance of history in our modern lives. Breathtaking.

Til next time,



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