Westfield – Chinatown Route

We and our fellows met up at Westfield -the biggest shopping mall in Europe (impressive,isn’t it?) for dinner.

All of the restaurants are lovelily constructed with outdoor extensions. If only I didn’t have to change the tubes to get there, I would visit all of them.. or even just chill in the area.

The vibrancy and chaos of the area lifts up my mood, reminds me a lot of the beloved Singapore.

Our first stop was a Thai Food Restaurant Chain called Busaba Eathai.


I ordered Sen chan Pad Thai and Red Beef Curry (with Brown Rice).

The Pad Thai was delicioussss . I would suggest squeezing a bit more of lime juice than usual to offset the sweetness,if you’re not a sweet-tooth.


Regarding the Red Beef Curry,it took me quite a while to get used to its flavour. The meat was good,however,the sauce tastes exactly like a Vietnamese dish called Phá Lấu of which I am not fond.  Having said that, I enjoy the brown rice and once you get cracking with the flavour,it actually turns out quite well.


Moving on to the next stops..

After watching Despicable Me 2 (which is OHEMGEE hilarious),we wandered in China Town.

I told my friend that I was too full so they brought me to Snog for some ”Guilt-free” Treats.


It was 11PM then, we made a bet that if anyone could find a Dim Sum restaurant opening then I’d join the feast ( I’m trying hard to get myself on a diet,I’ve been too unhealthy..)

And they found one..


I arrived home physically exhausted and went to bed right afterwards without any personal hygiene (ew).

Til next time,



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