Proper Burgers at Byron

Trying hard to maintain my healthy diet the past weeks was a real challenge. I told myself to not give up at the beginning every single meal,but then.. yuck,YOLO!

On this incident,as wee picked Byron for dinner,I opted to Classic Robb (a main dish salad) to compromise the boundary-overcrossings the past days. Whereas Ellie and my friends had burgers (by the time I arrived,they had already yumm yumm-ed the food). I had a bite and I was seriously in heaven..I am serious! Well..It could either be that I am not a burger-frequent-eater,or Byron does actually make me swoon with its recipe.

The side dishes were worth checking out too!



Have you tried Byron?


P.S: I am heading home tomorrow,I will try my best to keep you posted with my activities in Vietnam (so that I could help to grow the national tourism)



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