Saigon Bound


Wassup readers.

The past posts have marked my trough in my young writing life. There were too many careless grammar mistakes in those posts and sometimes I produced sentences that didn’t make any sense. If I’m allowed to defend myself, I will blame it on the extreme lack of sleep accompanied with the fatal PMS. I sincerely apologise you readers and hope that the mistake wouldn’t deter you from reading my blog.

So, I took a 14-hour flight from London Heathrow to Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam and arrived this early morning (local time).

I was tremendously happy to be embraced by mom and little sister. We then went to Phở 24 for breakfast and  stopped by a skin clinic for my skin recovery (after the long-haul flight).

A reunion with my little sister is always interesting. She’s in her early teenage hood and being able to see her only 2 a year means that whenever I see her,I witness drastic differences,physically and emotionally. We played outdoor in our family’ yard. I spoted some new decors added. and then we both jumped in the swimming pool under a dropping rain.

My lifestyle in the mother land would be occupied with : organic,healthy homemade Vietnamese cuisine, vibrant living environment,regular specialist skin treatment and loving family members.


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