First semana en Espana

Finally, I made it to Barcelona after a 24-hour flights (8h of transits in Hongkong). My sincere apology for not being able to blog earlier as I was busy settling down (one of my luggage was missing, I know none of Spanish…). Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to be friends with so many amazing people, from all over the States and also all over the world. I am now living in an apartment in Gracia (pronounced as “Grathia”) with balcony ❤

I just feel so blessed to be here. To be honest, I was not impressed with the architecture at first (I lived in Placa Catalunya for the first night and only strolled down the Paseo de Gracia the following day). But the moment I saw Sagrada Familia, I was jaw-dropped. I was amazed at how visionary and meticulous Gaudi was, I mean, all those sculptures, amazing. Unfortunately, the church is being constructed so I couldn’t take any good picture. Hopefully the place will be cleaned up for Christmas by December so I can get some photos for keepsake.

And the jamon …, I am in deep trouble. I can never say no to all these amazing fat and salt. Please don’t judge … If you are overwhelmed in the sight of hundreds of pigs’ legs (I was so excited to see all those legs, go for 5J – the only jamo’n (/hamon/) in Spain that was cured for 5 years :). They melt on your tongue, literally!

And it is the perfect location for summer as the light here makes everyone look so much tanner in photos. I don’t know if it is the salt from the beach or the angle of the sunlights, but you will look much tanner here. Which is not ideal for me as my mom always complain how tan I am ( fair is considered beauty essential in Vietnam).

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading. Adios!




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