Happy belated birthday, Bella

My apology for not being able to write this blog post earlier. I feel ashamed not being able to bring as much joy and happiness for her ( at least in her 18th birthday) as her friends. It has been forever (7 years perhaps) since I attended her birthday party, school starts too early for me.

I was extremely happy and thankful though, when she showed me the little “gift” her boyfriend and her friends in Singapore presented to her. It was a not-too-short and sweet video clip, documenting places that the “newly-in-relationship” couple visited during her trip to the island. Having been in a distant relationship (two years, and now), I understand how precious being together is. Though I was not there when she received the video, I bet she cried and laughed and cried all at once. She told me she was speechless and over the cloud9 watching it. My baby has finally grown up huh!

She urged me to write a post to tell our readers how happy she was for finally being an adult, starting with her dream relationship and awesome friends. And baby, just want to tell you that it is just the start of many many amazing things ahead. Have a blast freshman year, do not take anything too seriously, don’t let anyone intimidate you and it is okay to be weak and vulnerable sometimes. I am and will always be here (few clicks away, I blame fate to keep us always thousands of miles apart) for whatever you need.

Btw, this is your classic little red hat from Annecy 😉 Hope you like it!!!!

“People thought becoming an adult meant that all your acts had consequences; in fact it was just the opposite.” So don’t think too much!!!!



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