Lyon – Annecy (Part 1)

When my friend, Aimee told me about how she feels unreal about Europe, I was doubtful. Her argument was that everything in Europe look so perfect that it was hard to believe it actually exist. Being a hard-core, annoying realistic, I answered, but you are feeling it, so it is true.

Not till I went to Annecy, that place is like heaven, whatever you wish to see in Europe, you see it it all in a small little town. Turquoise lake with old little town, river bank crepier and small restaurants, amazing Glazier, small bridges with tons of wild flowers, amazingly beautiful churches and of course the Alps. As I walked around the town, (3-4 times in 4 hours), I can’t believe such place exists, everything that I thought my dream vacation would be, this was it. I was so grateful for taking up my friends recommendation to be there.

Annecy would probably one of the prettiest cities I would ever see in my life. And yes, I would come back with my love, one day :)!

PS: both cities are so easy to get around that we ended up walking without maps and made it back safe and sound! Food are amazing and affordable!

Lyon: St. Jean Catheral, Notre- dame and Vieux Lyon



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