It’s been a while since I write about food. Not that I have been able to stay away from food (I wish), but I have just been procrastinating. They say Barcelona’s food is one of the best in the world, and I can’t never argue with that. Most of the time now, I enjoy having petite tapas (tons of them at a time). I still enjoy exploring the top 10 restaurants in the city though and this time, it will be a list suggested (reposted) by

It was quite a coincidence that the first fine dining restaurant I walked in (I was looking to use the bathroom in Oriented Mandarin and was stopped by this elegant looking restaurant) is also featured in the list ❤

So my first review will be on Moments. I can’t ask for more, amazing food at a surprisingly affordable prize. I got the Lunch Menu for 53euros, with 3 courses (but you know there are always transition dishes).

If you decides to stop by, don’t forget to try their penedes chicken cannelloni – every little ingredient was perfectly cooked, el classico! Their petite fours (or shall I say eight) are very well decorated and prepared. Though I was not a fan of the sesame crust.

Though the menu was pleasant and well paced. It would have been much better if I can get more seafood (I mean shells, since fish and I don’t really get along well, we replaced the monk fish with canelloni – best decision made) since it’s Barcelona, you know.

Overall,  I would highly recommend this restaurant for a relaxed afternoon kinda day. It was really quiet while I stayed there with only 2 -3 tables occupied. It was 2 or 3 in the afternoon so I blame my unusual eating habit on that (yet, you’ll find that people eat really late here, 9pm for dinner, anyone?)



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