Parisian Sunday in London


Blouse : Zara (currently in stores)
Skater Skirt : Zara (last season )


Both Saint Laurent

official 3

Shoes: Theory

IMG_7936 copy

Blazer: HOBBS

Dear our valued readers,

It’s Bella here on a shoot for my first (official) post.

I came back to Glouster Road in Kensington to shoot these shoots, while carrying that reminiscent feeling, flashing back the memories me and Ellie shared back in July in this area.

I haven’t been exploring London much since my arrival as studying is first prioritised,followed up: social networking. At the end of the day, I can’t go on an adventure without a mate, can I?

I hope you enjoy the post. Repeatedly mentioned, follow us on instagram : @ngotang and @ellie_ngo.

Take care,

Rise and Shine,



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