A walk around the neighborhood

Do you sometimes have the feeling of just wanting to splurge? I get that a lot, not on monetarily (since that would have to depends on my monthly allowance) but in caloric term. I had a really good sleep last night, finally falling asleep before 1am and slept heavily till 9am. I woke up and feel the urge to go to a cafe shop for tea and breads. But guess what, I have my own balcony (mucho pequeno pero buen), my favorite jar of tea leaves from Fortnum&Manson is still in the cupboard, and I have at least 5- 7 bakeries within 3 blocks of my house. And a beautiful bouquet was sent with love from London.

So this is what happened. Now I am writing this while sipping tea and enjoying the gentle Mediterranean sunlight. Sounds like a dream, but everything can happen if you believe ;)!


Purple rose


No present is complete without a hand-written card (Even if it’s written by the florist <3)


Since I don’t have a table, my chair shall be my table and the floor shall be my chair



Panellets de pinyons; Caramel pie with sesame, pine and pumpkin seeds; and heart shaped pastry (sorry I can’t rmb the name)


The pastries are bought at 3 different places: Turris, Macxipan, and a local little bakery. My favorite of all is the Caramel nuts pie (Turris) and Panelletes from the local shop)


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