Fabulous Finds

The chess board at BNC

The chess board at BNC


What I love about Barcelona is that one will always discover new little things (shops and cafe mostly), no matter how many times you have been to the area. Most of the times, I wish I had discovered these earlier, just to make my life a lot easier. But well that’s part of the fun of living in a foreign place, isn’t it?!

I will try to make a list like these every few weeks, hopefully it can come handy to those who are in Barcelona, for travel, for work, for study or just simply to discover your own city more!

I stumbled upon this scrapbooking shop Scrap House y mas and spent almost 20 euro on stickers (they have an awesomely pretty and affordable collections of supplies – I think I would get a bill of almost 50, for buying those in FNAC) [Metro: Catalunya]

Nearby is a skate-shop, hosting one of the most unique boards I have ever seen. [Metro: Catalunya]

El Colectivo is a very neat cafe for a calm morning with cafe con leche and catching up the news. Properly brewed cafe, I must say! [Metro: Catalunya]

The place to go for wine! Vila Viniteca. Try Bott Geyl Gewurztramier Les Element 2011 if you enjoy sweet (with a hint of rose) wine.  [Metro: Catalunya]

“The Library” – not open for public, but the garden is worth seeing, and you can play chess with chess pieces as tall as your a 3 year old kid. [Metro: Catalunya]

Paella is not rocket science with this recipe. First time and it was a grand success.

How was your week? Did you find any interesting stores in the area? Please share!



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