Prague – a tales that never ends

Prague makes me feel like I’m living in a fairy tales. The architectures, the details, the scriptures, those turquoise domes, the gothic arts, the archeology clock, the squares, those castles, the bridge, the small little shops, the cobblestone roads. There were nothing more I can ask for. Bella and I had the best trip of our life, no joke. We felt in love with the city, from the very first time in the city (let’s just exclude the journeys from and to the airports) till the very last moment.

The city reminds me of my childhood tale: The little match girl. The weather was beautifully cold (I know it sounds weird but Prague is just one of the cities that unveil their charms as the temperature drops). We spent hours and hours walking and walking from islands to islands, just letting the scent of burnt sugar, hot coffee and happiness sipping through every cell. I kinda had my first snow (2-3 seconds of rainy snow) in Prague and I was so contented I thought I could die without regret.

But it was not only the city that made the trip a fairy tale. Bella and I did not fight, not even for a second, something that seemed impossible! They say some people grow apart as they grow apart, but I am blessed to know and feel that we are closer day by day. I certainly do not wish our relationship to be a myth like fairy tales, but I do pray for a happily ever after.

I can never emphasize enough the significance of Prague in my heart. I know it sounds hypocrite (honestly, I only spent roughly 50hours in the city) but really, make Prague your destination on your trip in Europe, and you will not be disappoint, I promise. Whatever expectations I had of Europe, it had it all (except for the different currency).

Many pictures were taken. Many memories were created, many thoughts were shared. And thus, an entry would never be enough. These posts are my attempts to translate my experience with the lovely city into words. I shall be quick, as feelings stay but details fade.

Must see places: The National Museum, Municipal House, the Castle, St. Nicholas, the Clock, Old Town Square, Charles bridge, the Dancing House [ we did not make it there though)

Transportation: Metro and trams are relatively cheap, unless you happen to pump into an inspector

Activities: Segway tour (sooooo much fun!), and get lost in Prague!, travel by foot in the Old Town center, pictures pictures pictures, by paintings, and have as much Prague sausages (food) as possible!






Imageo Image

IMG_9161 IMG_9159 IMG_9157 IMG_9140 IMG_9135


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