Prague – the heaven of Bohemian food

I seldom book Michelin Star restaurants when I travel. Besides the very obvious reasons that I need to save to spend on activities (#collegestudentproblem), I want to experience the street food, the typical restaurants that tourist/ local run into, and also to let myself indulge when it wants too, instead of following the booking hour). I arrived to Prague on Friday and reached to the my “home” at 8pm. By the time Bella and I were in the center, it was almost 10pm. We were starving and decided to order separate portions (my apologise for not remembering the name of the restaurants, I am bad at names and non-English names scare me off). The portions are very generous in Prague (in all three restaurants that we went to) and we had leftover for breakfasts.

We did not follow any recommendation but intuition when choosing restaurants in Prague. Apart from the price, the quality of food were consistent, all very lovely done! From the street vendor (2 euro for a huge sausage) to the restaurants opposite the famous clock! So unless there is any restaurants that you really wish to try, I suggest just take a stroll and stop whenever a restaurant appeals!

My only recommendation for place is a street vendor for sausage: as you walked down from the West side of the castle, you will run into three small vendors with twisted potatoes, refael and hotdog (50koruna/each), have as much as you can!

Bohemian dishes are very bold, meaning, they eat almost everything from the animal, aka, pork knee, pork cheeks, pork neck. I loved them but I understand many will find these disturbing :). Come with bravery and I promise you a burst of flavors!

Food to try (you will regret if you don’t): Trdelnik, pork knee, pork cheek, roasted duck, Prague sausage.

I am pretty sure that I will revisit Prague one day, so guys! if you have any suggestions on Czech food, please advise me!






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