First stop – Florence

Flew to Florence the very moment my program stops (12 hours after my final paper – enough time to pack my 4 months all together in one suitcase, 1 duffle bags and 1 huge handbag (i learn how to stuff/ throw away stuffs after 7 years of studying abroad). Florence welcomed me and Bella (Bella flew in from London) with a relatively warm weather (at the time it was cooler than Barcelona, but now that I am comparing to Boston, hmm).

The moment we put down our bags in a little cute B&B and unpack our camera, we literally ran outside to the streets. Though the city is tiny, it is packed with museums ( 30 to say the least). Fortunately, we have little arguments of which to see so picking out POIs was easy. Of course, we had to head over to Accademia Gallery to pay the perfectly sculpted David a visit. It’s a master-piece so yes, it was very beautiful, given the fact that it was created in the early 16th century. What fascinated me was the details on other sculptures created in the same period presented along the walk toward David. Though historically valued, these art pieces no doubt, built up anticipation, and also emphasized the expertise of Michelangelo. A must see – I would say.

Later, we wandered around the city a little bit as almost all the museums closed around 3-4pm (except those of Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo). Duomo – OMG – was beautiful. It was not an elegant simple looking church but its vibrant colors would literally stop you for a few seconds. We stopped here for half an hour I think, for photo takings. Just a lovely place, I should have walked in, though :(.

We were hungry by then and stopped by a random pizza store near the church, man it was good, a lil expensive (compared to other place in Florence, only). Another post on food in florence shall be posted. And gelato of course, before heading to the Museum of Gucci – this, also, deserves a separate entry! No further ado, here are the pictures, and they shall speak for themselves ;), how beautiful this lovely city is.




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