Home or where the heart belongs


Finally, after 20 (21) days of constant travels, I am finally back “home”, to where my car and a permanent phone number reside. Though all my friends were complaining about feet of snow and the polar vortex, I was so happy to see them. Europe had a Black Christmas and though I adored the 40s weather, I secretly wished for some little white flakes to fall.

Quickly, very quickly though, my feet miss hours of walking through the little streets in a bearable weather. The 20s weather really freezes me to the bone and I could hear them on strike after a couple of minutes outside. I can feel lipid depositing and my body adapts absurdly rapid to the new lifestyle. All I did for a whole day was laying on bed, with netflix and cuddling. My limbs refuse to even type and hence, the delay in updating my blogs, though I promise myself to blog everyday the moment I am back.

Regardless, here I am, now that the temperature is more breathable and I have successfully pulled myself out for a short walk (10 minutes walk is nothing compared to all days walking the months before that), I have all the energy to type again (didn’t know writing requires much of calories huh). Can’t wait to share all the pictures with you! 10 cities in 20 days, so much things that I learnt and captured.


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