Uni – a must in Boston

The dinner was ecstatic.  I was hungry after a barre class in the Back Bay area and Clio came to mind. Though I have been in Boston for 3 years, I have yet to explore the tops restaurant in the Bean Town. I realize I do take Boston for granted.  Now that I only have […]

A walk around the neighborhood

Do you sometimes have the feeling of just wanting to splurge? I get that a lot, not on monetarily (since that would have to depends on my monthly allowance) but in caloric term. I had a really good sleep last night, finally falling asleep before 1am and slept heavily till 9am. I woke up and […]

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

To secure a table at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal,booking in advance is advised. Back then when my sister was doing the task,we were informed that tables for weekend at the restaurant were all fully booked until September 2013 (we contacted them in late June 2013).   What’s interested about the menu is that it states the […]

Proper Burgers at Byron

Trying hard to maintain my healthy diet the past weeks was a real challenge. I told myself to not give up at the beginning every single meal,but then.. yuck,YOLO! On this incident,as wee picked Byron for dinner,I opted to Classic Robb (a main dish salad) to compromise the boundary-overcrossings the past days. Whereas Ellie and […]

Westfield – Chinatown Route

We and our fellows met up at Westfield -the biggest shopping mall in Europe (impressive,isn’t it?) for dinner. All of the restaurants are lovelily constructed with outdoor extensions. If only I didn’t have to change the tubes to get there, I would visit all of them.. or even just chill in the area. The vibrancy […]


Bullet points will be used to list our activities yesterday evening. Last night, we finally got to watch the classic musical play: WICKED. We booked the tickets in advance of 3 weeks to get the best seats and the best deals.    As the show’s duration is 2hrs 45 minutes, we snacked before the show […]

Fortnum & Mason Cookies

Today,as the 3rd day in a row,the sun is hiding. I decided to stay in bed til noon and wake up to blog. These are the cookies that my sister greeted me with when I arrived London 2 days ago. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, Fortum & Manson  is the official supplier of tea […]