First stop – Florence

Flew to Florence the very moment my program stops (12 hours after my final paper – enough time to pack my 4 months all together in one suitcase, 1 duffle bags and 1 huge handbag (i learn how to stuff/ throw away stuffs after 7 years of studying abroad). Florence welcomed me and Bella (Bella […]


Last weekend, I was on a viaje with the program to Tarragona – a little town South of Barcelona. This is one of the oldest town in Spain and it will amaze you with a rich history dated hundreds of years before Christ. Apart from the charm of valleys and crystal clear playa, it struck […]

Durdle Door with the Ngô Tăng

Durdle Door is 2h45 away by train from London. I would highly recommend you joint down these points before the trip 1)Wear sneakers- so the rocks/sands/broken glass pieces would not mess with you. Most importantly, you would not slip! In fact,there have been cases that people died slipping there. 2)Get your beach towels out,stock lots […]


Bullet points will be used to list our activities yesterday evening. Last night, we finally got to watch the classic musical play: WICKED. We booked the tickets in advance of 3 weeks to get the best seats and the best deals.    As the show’s duration is 2hrs 45 minutes, we snacked before the show […]