A walk around the neighborhood

Do you sometimes have the feeling of just wanting to splurge? I get that a lot, not on monetarily (since that would have to depends on my monthly allowance) but in caloric term. I had a really good sleep last night, finally falling asleep before 1am and slept heavily till 9am. I woke up and […]


Last weekend, I was on a viaje with the program to Tarragona – a little town South of Barcelona. This is one of the oldest town in Spain and it will amaze you with a rich history dated hundreds of years before Christ. Apart from the charm of valleys and crystal clear playa, it struck […]

Today’s Foot Assets: Summer Wedges

It’s almost the end of our stay in London. We thus tried to 1) shop 2)visit friends 3)go on trips 4) set up further summer planning the past days. That explains why we’ve have gone missing.. These are the new assets I got during the sale from Theory. How have your day been? Any new […]