A walk around the neighborhood

Do you sometimes have the feeling of just wanting to splurge? I get that a lot, not on monetarily (since that would have to depends on my monthly allowance) but in caloric term. I had a really good sleep last night, finally falling asleep before 1am and slept heavily till 9am. I woke up and feel the urge to go to a cafe shop for tea and breads. But guess what, I have my own balcony (mucho pequeno pero buen), my favorite jar of tea leaves from Fortnum&Manson is still in the cupboard, and I have at least 5- 7 bakeries within 3 blocks of my house. And a beautiful bouquet was sent with love from London.

So this is what happened. Now I am writing this while sipping tea and enjoying the gentle Mediterranean sunlight. Sounds like a dream, but everything can happen if you believe ;)!


Purple rose


No present is complete without a hand-written card (Even if it’s written by the florist <3)


Since I don’t have a table, my chair shall be my table and the floor shall be my chair



Panellets de pinyons; Caramel pie with sesame, pine and pumpkin seeds; and heart shaped pastry (sorry I can’t rmb the name)


The pastries are bought at 3 different places: Turris, Macxipan, and a local little bakery. My favorite of all is the Caramel nuts pie (Turris) and Panelletes from the local shop)


Comerc 24

Last Thursday, before packing my bag for Madrid, I celebrated my success ending with Finance Midterm at the highly sought after restaurant. The place was recommended by my art teacher, who after found out how passionate I was about food, gave me a list of restaurants in the city to try out.

Feeling pretty happy with myself, I treated myself with a Grand Festival Menu – 10 courses and dessert. Halfway through and I thought I would burst. The food was good but I guess after few days of home cook meal, my stomach somehow shrunk. Image





The meal started with six appetizers: mushroom soup, monkfish in black sesame and seaweed, cauliflower in vinegar, pizza 24 and sponge ceviche. My favorite of all was the cauliflower and pizza 24. For the cauliflower, the sour taste was so elegantly infused that you don’t feel burn at the throat at all but a only a lingering taste of vinegar, which goes particularly well with monkfish and a sip of mushroom sauce. And that pizza, yes i think I can go vegetarians if everything is that good!


Moving on to main dish. 


Beach shrimp Ceviche


Beet oyster – gosh this was so good!!! And the sea taste lingers well after, amazing


Poultry Migas – the egg is cooked in the stone! Interesting flavor if you fancy eggs


Razor clam Razu -soba. I can have this for days


PIza tuna sashimi – Let me be knoest, not the best that I have had


Tuna tarta – this however, was good!


Duck rice and foie gras – I think the rice was undercooked ….


Whiting and Mediterranean vinegar – with a bowl of thyme in boiling water to create the ambience! I need more


Pork Cochinillo Hanoi Style – awww <3, I like the blend


Veal cheek Pekin


Beef sirloin with sesame and mustard


Cul d’Olla


Chocolate with Goat cheese and fig – never been better


Lemon Ice Tea




Conguito 24


(From left to right) Greentea chocolate, gold bar, wild pine nuts and chocolate, and oreo vanilla and black sesame


Jasmin Pearl was amazing, and the whole process of brewing was pleasant to the eye

The meal was absolutely pleasant, took me 2.5 hours to cruise through. However, the meal was not complete without me discovering my new favorite wine Bott-Geyl Gewurtraminer Les Elements – sweet wine with a note of rose petal and litchi ;)!

So what do you think? Would you pay a visit to Comerc 24 when you are in town?!



Parisian Sunday in London


Blouse : Zara (currently in stores)
Skater Skirt : Zara (last season )


Both Saint Laurent

official 3

Shoes: Theory

IMG_7936 copy

Blazer: HOBBS

Dear our valued readers,

It’s Bella here on a shoot for my first (official) LookBook.nu post.

I came back to Glouster Road in Kensington to shoot these shoots, while carrying that reminiscent feeling, flashing back the memories me and Ellie shared back in July in this area.

I haven’t been exploring London much since my arrival as studying is first prioritised,followed up: social networking. At the end of the day, I can’t go on an adventure without a mate, can I?

I hope you enjoy the post. Repeatedly mentioned, follow us on instagram : @ngotang and @ellie_ngo.

Take care,

Rise and Shine,


Flushy Blooms


Do you pop in florists whenever you see one on the street like me?

I made a Uni-to-do-list including : fresh blooms every week. I believe in home is the nicest word there is.  (and hey, gotta stimulate the economy too,yesh?)

Enjoy whatever you’re doing readers.

Love life, ’cause it will love you back, soon or later. Keep holding on.



Last weekend, I was on a viaje with the program to Tarragona – a little town South of Barcelona. This is one of the oldest town in Spain and it will amaze you with a rich history dated hundreds of years before Christ. Apart from the charm of valleys and crystal clear playa, it struck me how forward – thinking the Romans were. Not only were they able to create buildings that last thousands of years, the designs were also timeless. It makes me rethink of human capability, and to question myself what can I do to leave a legacy.

The town, however, is very lively and cute. It is very small (or at least the center) and only took us 40 minutes or so to walk around the area. Stores here echar siestar from around 1.30-2pm, much earlier than in Barcelona, so make sure you grab that Gelats or baguette before then. Overall, this is a nice place for a day trip if you grow a little bit bored of Barcelona (which I highly doubt) – and the town is one and a half hour drive from the ciudad.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


It’s been a while since I write about food. Not that I have been able to stay away from food (I wish), but I have just been procrastinating. They say Barcelona’s food is one of the best in the world, and I can’t never argue with that. Most of the time now, I enjoy having petite tapas (tons of them at a time). I still enjoy exploring the top 10 restaurants in the city though and this time, it will be a list suggested (reposted) by barcelona.com.

It was quite a coincidence that the first fine dining restaurant I walked in (I was looking to use the bathroom in Oriented Mandarin and was stopped by this elegant looking restaurant) is also featured in the list ❤

So my first review will be on Moments. I can’t ask for more, amazing food at a surprisingly affordable prize. I got the Lunch Menu for 53euros, with 3 courses (but you know there are always transition dishes).

If you decides to stop by, don’t forget to try their penedes chicken cannelloni – every little ingredient was perfectly cooked, el classico! Their petite fours (or shall I say eight) are very well decorated and prepared. Though I was not a fan of the sesame crust.

Though the menu was pleasant and well paced. It would have been much better if I can get more seafood (I mean shells, since fish and I don’t really get along well, we replaced the monk fish with canelloni – best decision made) since it’s Barcelona, you know.

Overall,  I would highly recommend this restaurant for a relaxed afternoon kinda day. It was really quiet while I stayed there with only 2 -3 tables occupied. It was 2 or 3 in the afternoon so I blame my unusual eating habit on that (yet, you’ll find that people eat really late here, 9pm for dinner, anyone?)