Uni – a must in Boston

The dinner was ecstatic.  I was hungry after a barre class in the Back Bay area and Clio came to mind. Though I have been in Boston for 3 years, I have yet to explore the tops restaurant in the Bean Town. I realize I do take Boston for granted.  Now that I only have […]

The Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Greetings from London! I was lazy out last weekend and was not in mood for anything but movies and family meals with my lovely sister, Bella. Anyway, last Friday, before making my way down to Cambridge to support my sister during her exam week, I met up with a high school friend and her mom. […]


So I was bored in class and googled for “top 100 dishes in London” [I figure I will go after dishes rather than the restaurants because first of all, you can go to a high ranked restaurant yet not entirely satisfied because you was not offered what was best, second, why go for chef tasting […]