Dos Palillos Restaurant

Again, I searched for the top 10 restaurants in Barcelona. This time, though I decided to only tackle a few. Reasons: I am trying to maintain my weight while enjoying fresh baked bread (why can’t I have it in America???), and handmade gelato. And also, I have been receiving recommendations and strangely enough those restaurants […]

The Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Greetings from London! I was lazy out last weekend and was not in mood for anything but movies and family meals with my lovely sister, Bella. Anyway, last Friday, before making my way down to Cambridge to support my sister during her exam week, I met up with a high school friend and her mom. […]


Followed a successful tasting lunch yesterday, I decided to continue with the plan and tried Arbutus. With the reviews and a Michelin star, I was really looking forward to the lunch. I tried to complete the questionnaire about the V&A Museum (awesome place) as soon as possible and rush off for my reservation. Atmosphere: it […]