Fabulous Finds

  What I love about Barcelona is that one will always discover new little things (shops and cafe mostly), no matter how many times you have been to the area. Most of the times, I wish I had discovered these earlier, just to make my life a lot easier. But well that’s part of the […]

Parisian Sunday in London

Dear our valued readers, It’s Bella here on a shoot for my first (official) LookBook.nu post. I came back to Glouster Road in Kensington to shoot these shoots, while carrying that reminiscent feeling, flashing back the memories me and Ellie shared back in July in this area. I haven’t been exploring London much since my […]

Flushy Blooms

Do you pop in florists whenever you see one on the street like me? I made a Uni-to-do-list including : fresh blooms every week. I believe in home is the nicest word there is. ¬†(and hey, gotta stimulate the economy too,yesh?) Enjoy whatever you’re doing readers. Love life, ’cause it will love you back, soon […]

My Summer Farewell

Before parting my little Vietnam for Barcelona (finally), I asked dad for a special treat – a getaway to the top-notch resort in Con Dao Island. Not only was the ocean, the beach, the cliffs, the food and the beach house were absolutely amazing, the island is a remarkable place to witness the Vietnam’s patriotism. […]