Fabulous Finds

  What I love about Barcelona is that one will always discover new little things (shops and cafe mostly), no matter how many times you have been to the area. Most of the times, I wish I had discovered these earlier, just to make my life a lot easier. But well that’s part of the […]

HOME: Fresh Blooms

Another cloudy day hit Ho Chi Minh City as the storm is entering the shore. I plan today is to meet up with a friend thatI hung out with during my Easter trip in America. I then participate to do a bit of shopping,ziping around the boutique-filled streets as well as Vietnamese Designer ”houses”. Today,I will […]

HOME: Post-Lunch

I inherited the passion for skincare from my mom. I,my little sister (words can’t describe her beauty and talent at doing makeup regardless of her being 12),my cousin and my mom share a mutual addiction for beauty sheet masks. Above all,we live under one roof (at least every summer). Hence,having piles of masks in stock […]

Summer Roaming: Being A Sweet Tooth Can Be a Key To A Beautiful Complexion

My sister discovered these from SASA in Hong Kong. Cute packaging,fruitful promises = perfect mid-day pick me up this summer. They taste ultra-yummy with an addition of  real-fruit taste. The container (15g each)  comes in with a holed divider for easier dispensation. Nutritional Information (100g) Energy 250kcl (SAFE for those on diet!) Sugars 0.4g Total Fat […]

Durdle Door with the Ngô Tăng

Durdle Door is 2h45 away by train from London. I would highly recommend you joint down these points before the trip 1)Wear sneakers- so the rocks/sands/broken glass pieces would not mess with you. Most importantly, you would not slip! In fact,there have been cases that people died slipping there. 2)Get your beach towels out,stock lots […]