Dos Palillos Restaurant

Again, I searched for the top 10 restaurants in Barcelona. This time, though I decided to only tackle a few. Reasons: I am trying to maintain my weight while enjoying fresh baked bread (why can’t I have it in America???), and handmade gelato. And also, I have been receiving recommendations and strangely enough those restaurants […]

Fabulous Finds

  What I love about Barcelona is that one will always discover new little things (shops and cafe mostly), no matter how many times you have been to the area. Most of the times, I wish I had discovered these earlier, just to make my life a lot easier. But well that’s part of the […]


Last weekend, I was on a viaje with the program to Tarragona – a little town South of Barcelona. This is one of the oldest town in Spain and it will amaze you with a rich history dated hundreds of years before Christ. Apart from the charm of valleys and crystal clear playa, it struck […]

Ellie’s Outfit of The Day

Greetings from England with lots and lots of love! This is Ellie’s OOTD worn on Saturday hanging out with Bella (co-writer of this blog) and her new peeps in London.   Towards the evening,Ellie changed up a bit into the classic,ionic and most importantly as a traveller,water-repellent Burberry trench coat.   Enjoy the post! Bella Ngo […]

Here I am

Finally I (E.) made it to London!!!!!! Yay!  After a few hours (yes, as I had to wait for my other friends) I made it home to the lovely Courtfield Garden.My flat is right across  St. Jude’s Church, meaning I will be enjoying my morning tea sips with a lovely view . Awesome! My first impression of London: […]